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Picture of My Fajita Bowl

Fajita Bowl

If you are anything like me, spicy food is your favorite. I am constantly adding chili powder to most of my dishes. That’s why this fajita bowl recipe┬áhas got to be one of my favorite dishes.

I took a Wild Tree “cooking class” a few weeks ago with my mom. The class was actually just seasoning raw meat and then you freeze it and unthaw when you are ready to cook. That is why most of my recipes have been using Wild Tree Products. However, this meal can be made with any type of seasoning.

Steps to Making a Fajita Bowl

First, I cut a chicken breast into strips and seasoned them with olive oil and taco seasoning. I then cooked the chicken on the stove in a medium pan.

While the chicken is cooking I started the Spanish Rice. I used The Kraft brand Mexican rice mix. I followed the instructions, while adding a can of diced tomatoes. This is optional, I prefer a more tomato-y taste and texture. If you like spicy food I recommend adding diced tomatoes with cilantro.

Once the chicken is finished cooking took it off the stove and set aside. In the same pan add some more olive oil and saute sliced red onion and red and yellow peppers until they soften.

In a large bowl I like to mix all the ingredients. I start by adding the rice to the dish, then I add the Chicken and the vegetables on top. I like to dress up the fajita bowl by adding jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, and sometimes guacamole on top.

This dish is extremely easy to make and with so many different flavors it is one I cook frequently without getting sick of it.

What is your favorite part of a fajita bowl?

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